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Phone : 0833917028
Fax : 0833 919502
Address: Via Complanare Est S.S. 274 n. 21
Taviano (Le), 73057


PVC fittings production in Lecce

Italiana Resine, located in Taviano, it is a company specializing in the fittings production in PVC Lecce for building and thermo-hydraulics. Thanks to constant innovation and to the care in every production step, with Italiana Resine you can be sure to find the best quality products. You can find any kind of PVC fittings, including all the products for gluing and connecting. Our primary goal is always to satisfy your requirements, because a satisfied customer is definitely one of the best ways to demonstrate our professionalism and expertise.
We work and produce fittings in non-plasticized polyvinyl chloride for low and high temperature piping systems for drainage in any kind of building. All with certificate of conformity required by the Italian Institute of Plastics. From us you can find pvc fittings for building and thermo-hydraulics: anti-reflux valves for sewerage and building, tubes for collecting and canalization, closures and PP fittings for hot water discharge pipes. In particular, with regard to rain collectors, Italiana Resine also supplies a DIY kit made of innovative plastic material with copper effect. Our container is easy to assemble and is designed and built to cut copper costs while retaining the same aesthetic appearance. The do-it-yourself kit of the Italiana Resine's traditional rainwater container is also very convenient.

In the field of PVC fittings production in Lecce, our reality has been active for years and is constantly updating, because only the high specialization and the scrupulous care for the quality of the product have allowed us to emerge as one of the market reference companies. A market that, thanks to continuous technological advances, is becoming increasingly competitive. It would be enough enter production facilities to see the dedication, commitment, and care that every employee uses to achieve a great product. The end consumer can enjoy a product made of quality materials within which the company's soul can be found. Italiana Resine is a point of reference for PVC fittings production in Lecce, but also for many other companies in Italy, including islands. In fact, our company is able to deliver and supply other businesses anywhere in Italy thanks to the efficient courier systems it uses. Any Italian company can therefore benefit from the quality and convenience of Italiana Resine's production parts.

Open from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 13:00 and 15:30 to 19:00, Italiana Resine is located in Via Meucci 14 in Taviano, in the province of Lecce, where its production facilities are located.
All our production processes are controlled in our labs to ensure the best quality with excellent value for money for all our customers.
For the PVC fittings production in Lecce and the rest of Italy, entrusted in Italiana Resine.


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