Italiana Resine
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PVC Fittings in Lecce


Products for gluing and connecting fittings

Italiana Resine is a company in the market since 1980 with a wide range of pvc fittings in Lecce. Thanks to the ten-year experience Italiana Resine produces rigid pvc fittings for water, even hot, high quality discharge pipes.

You can find pvc fittings with a 45° curve and at 87.30° curve in orange and ivory colors, plus other colors on request. We can also supply fittings with a 45 ° and 87.30 ° derivation and a reduced derivation. We produce siphons of all shapes, curves and rings, including locking gaskets, rigid pvc anti-reflux valves for drainage and sewer systems, without forgetting everything that is needed for waste collection and drainage. Finally, you can find PP fittings for water draining pipes, even hot, including gaskets and curved plugs.